Optimal tuberization in potatos

Balanced growth with Stimuter in potatoes

    Balanced growth     Optimal tuberization     Healthy crop   ✓ Healthy yield    ✓ Permitted for use in organic farming

A healthy crop is a must for a good yield of potatoes. Stimuter contributes to this by increasing the resilience and vitality of the potato crop. The product supports the natural regenerative capacity and has a nurturing and enhancing effect to the soil and the roots of the crop.

The root stimulating properties of Stimuter contribute to a balanced growth and an optimal tuberisation of the potatoes. Optimal weather conditions (warm and moist) can stimulate tuberisation, but also the available nutrition is of importance. These factors determine the final number of tubers. Stimuter is rich in natural plant amino acids, micro elements and vitamins B, C and E. By applying Stimuter right at the start of the formation of new tubers, Stimuter will be absorbed at the ideal moment. There it directly stimulates the roots and tuber formation of the potato plants. Thanks to the root stimulating properties the crop will also develop an increased resilience above the soil. This can result in a decreased disease pressure. Practice trials has shown that Stimuter results in a higher yield. An even sorting size is retained.

Treatment plan Stimuter:

First treatment should take place directly at the start of the formation of new tubers, followed by a second treatment ten days after. The amino acids ensure a good absorption of the product by the the crop. Stimuter can also be absorbed by the soil.

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