Soil fungi

The following fungi are common soil fungi. When, due to a less vital soil and weak plant resistance, these soil fungi occur, the product Mucoter can be used. Mucoter supports the natural recovery ability and has a wholesome, nourishing and plant strengthening effect when the soil and the plants are influenced from the outside.

Verticillium wilt

Verticillium wilt is caused by the Verticillium fungus. The fungus occurs in deciduous trees and herbaceous plants. The fungus normally lives on dead organic waste, but can at some point penetrate the root and spread throughout the plant. The fungus is a vascular parasite, clogging the vessels of the plant causing it to ‘wither’. Effects are mainly seen in the crown of trees. Leaves wither and the shoots die off one by one. Although young trees often die, older trees can still recover. It is important to give the tree a boost and to counter fungi. Pireco Mucoter                                          ensures that, in case of deterioration, the plant will become more vital.


Pythium is a devastating root parasiting fungus. Pythium procreates very fast under favorable conditions. It leaves microscopic spores that infect the roots and deprive the plant of food. Pythium mainly targets seeds and seedlings with little resistance against diseases. Larger plants are more immune to it. They can also be affected but can be treated and recovered if done in a timely manner, even though the plant will be permanently inhibited in its development. Pythium is present everywhere, although high humidity and a temperature between 20-30 °C                                        stimulate its growth. Pythium is a weak pathogen and will only attack the weaker plants.

Dollar spot

Dollar spot looks like small round brown spots with an average diameter of 6 cm2 on short trimmed grass. The spots become larger as the disease gets worse. Dollar spot is active from the end of the spring until late autumn, especially during very humid conditions. For example during cold nights when there is a lot of dew in the morning. The optimum temperature for Dollar Spot is between 15 °C and 30 °C. Grass is more susceptible to this disease when it is low on nitrogen. The disease requires humid conditions but can also strike on a dry soil using                                      dew moisture.

Red thread

Red thread is a fungus that is active during spring, summer and autumn. Red wire causes red fluff on top of the leaves. The fungus often occurs when the grass turf runs low on nutrition. Inadequate and unbalanced fertilization stimulates the development of red thread.


White-rot fungus

The White-rot fungus, also known as Sclerotina, is a serious threat to Allium species such as (pickled) onions, leeks , garlic and shallot. White-rot fungal breakouts can occur throughout the season and manifests itself in a spot-like manner. White-rot causes severe damage. Cold and wet circumstances stimulate the development of the fungus. Initially, White-rot manifests itself by the disappearance of seedlings. Leaves of older plants turn yellow, wither and die. White lint-like fungal tissue is visible on the rotten root base with small round black dots; the sclerotia. These beads easily detach during the harvest or when cleaning up an infested area. Once in the soil, they may survive for decades, sometimes longer than 25 years. They can cause new infections when Allium-like plants are grown again on the same plot. Infections can also be spread through infected plants, infected machines, crop residues and birds.

Snow Mold

Snow Mold (formerly known by its Latin name Fusarium) is a disease that primarily manifests itself during autumn. The ideal conditions for snow mold are humid nights en temperatures between 0 and 10 °C. Snow fungus looks like white fluff that sits on the grass, often in circular patches. The Pireco ® Grass Products make the grass more vital and resilient.

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