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“The disease pressure is low and the plants are nicely hardened off”

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018
Feteris Plants Hedel, Netherlands

Feteris Plants located in Hedel, the Netherlands, is a family business that works with heart and soul to grow healthy and beautiful products. Martin Feteris and his wife Mirjam Feteris are active in the company. In addition various employees work in the company.

Feteris Plants grows different varieties of tail-flowers (Anthurium) in a new hypermodern greenhouse of 2 hectares of glass. This modern greenhouse is fully automated. Environment, energy saving, good working conditions, health and safety are taken very serious. Everything looks very clean and neatly cared of!

Feteris plants is a company that have set high priorities for their crops and the environment. This is evident because of the fact Martin was one of the first greenhouse growers to start with the use of Pireco product in the greenhouse horticulture. In the end of 2015, Martin came in contact with Pireco and carefully started using Herfosec. Herfosec is used to support the natural recovery ability of the soil and the crop. This results in a crop that is able to prevent and control leaf insects. In the case of Feteris Plants, Herfosec was used to make and keep aphid infestation manageable. This careful start has resulted in a year-round use of Herfosec.

Herfosec has since been further developed into Herfosec-Horti, which is available in 4 versions (A,B,C and D) to ensure diversity. Herfosec-Horti is part of the special greenhouse horticulture line developed by Pireco. In the case of Feteris Plants, the crops are treated every 2 weeks and every now and then the product is transferred to the greenhouse via LVM application. This certainly is reflected in the quality of the plants. “The disease pressure is very low and the plants are nicely hardened off” according to Martin.

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“The crop shows a clear improvement in growth and vitality”

Wednesday,  July 11th, 2018
Firma S.J. Nederend

In Reeuwwijk, the Netherlands, we find the company S.J. Nederend where we met with Niek. This company grows various Clematis varieties and is specialized in the Laburnum cultivar. A problem on several plots in Boskoop is the contamination with nematode, which manifests itself in complete standstill of the growth.

Niek started using Nemater Micro Granular. Nemater was mixed into the soil before cultivating the soil. Nemater is a product made of different specific herbal extracts. Nemater is available in liquid form, granular form and micro granular form. Nemater supports the natural regenerative capacity of the soil and crop, resulting in the control of various nematodes, such as Pratylenchus penetrans. In addition, studies show that Nemater increases the proportion of ‘good’ nematodes. Nemater therefore works on two fronts. On one hand a decrease of the plant parasitic nematodes is accomplished, while on the other hand the number of good nematodes increases.

How did the crop react? The crops show a clear improvement in growth and vitality. Does this mean we are done? No, nematodes will always remain a point of attention on some types of soil and farm land. It is therefore important to properly monitor the state of affairs by means of nematode sampling. It is also good to include the number of ‘other’ nematodes in the assessment. After all, it is all about a healthy soil life population.

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“A healthy crop can handle a lot on its own”

Thursday, January 10, 2014
Henry van der Woerd. Organic farmer in the Netherlands

Agriculturer Henry van der Woerd from Tollebeek (the  Netherlands) switched to organic farming in 2008. Currently, van der Woerd grows carrots, potatoes, chicory, onions, spinach and alfalfa on a total of 160 hectare of farmed land. Van der Woerd has been using Pireco products since 2010. “We started with applying Tercol the prevent damage by the carrot fly. A soil treatment with grains followed by a post-treatment with liquid Tercol. The results were good, there was no visible damage after rinsing. ”

After this good experience with Pireco products, van der Woerd started deploying other Pireco products as well. Since the sprayer was still left over from the period before 2008, treatment with liquid agents was no problem. Van der Woerd used Mucoter to prevent Fusarium in the onions with reasonable results. Furthermore, Tercol was used to prevent the onion fly with satisfactory results. “We saw a strong repelling effect.” As of today, the application of Pireco products is incorporated in the work flow. For example, during the soil-preparation for growing onions a custom harrow performs a soil treatment in single pass. As a result, the agent is placed at the right depth for optimal performance.

Also for the upcoming season several Pireco products will be deployed by van der Woerd. “I apply Tercol to prevent damage by the carrot fly. You have to find out how products fit within your ideas and ways of working. In recent years I have seen that a healthy crop can solve many problems on its own. With Tercol I can make adjustments where necessary. ”

“A good addition to chemical crop protection agents”

Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Ian Hale. Crop advisor in the Netherlands

Ian Hale is crop advisor at Profytodsd in Emmeloord. About 5 years ago he started deploying Pireco products. “My first experiences were with Mucoter and Nemater. Especially Nemater made ​​a good impression on me through its effect on free-living nematodes in potatoes and onions. “Meanwhile, Ian advises on the use of Pireco products for both conventional and organic agriculturers. Especially in combination with pesticides sees Ian opportunities, “There is not always a solution with chemical means. In these cases the products of Pireco are a great addition.”

” I started deploying Nemater on a plot of potatoes with lots of nematodes, there were large spots of plants lagging in growth. 4 days after the first treatment you could see the potatoes revive. After 10 days this treatment was repeated. At first we were planning to do a third treatment, but this turned out to be unnecessary. The results were good and the crop was strong and healthy. “The first spraying was done during the rain. The experience of recent years has shown that moisture is very important. “Spray with water, during or just before the rain or possibly before irrigation to get the product where it works best; at the roots. In drier years, we sometimes see poor results because the agent did not get the chance to get into the soil”.

After this positive experience, Ian applied Nemater to onions and potatoes for various farmers. Last year, good results were obtained in the chicory on light soils. Ian applies Mucoter mainly to fields of onions that have problems with fusarium. Granular, just before or during sowing,  supplemented with crop treatments. “Chemicals alone do not always lead to a healthy crop. That’s why I alternate between Mucoter and chemicals. I see clear improvements when compared to plots without Mucoter”. A couple of years ago Herfomyc was introduced to the product range, mainly used by organic farmers to prevent phytophthora. In practice, Ian advises to spray 5 liter/hectare weekly. “It was clear that it was possible to further postpone the harvest with Herfomyc and thus increase the crop yield. For Herfomyc I also see opportunities to mix it with chemicals during difficult years to break through resistance of new Phytophthora types.” Tercol is advised to be used to prevent damage by carrot flies in organic agriculture. “After every warning from Pireco or ‘de Groene Vlieg’, a dosage of 5-10 liters Tercol gives good results. Again, a lot of water is necessary for optimal results.

Ian sees more possibilities for Pireco products in the near future. Not just in the organic agriculture, but especially in combination with chemical agents. “Sometimes they seem to reinforce each other. Besides the fact that admissions for GBM keep getting stricter, Pireco products sometimes works almost as well. Currently I regard Pireco products as an excellent addition to GBM in conventional cultivation and a good alternative in organic cultivation. “

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