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Pireco Strawberry Special (Aardbeienplantje.nl)

The webshop for strawberry plants from Firma Henselmans

The brothers Joost and Joep Henselmans, the third generation at the family business in Luttelgeest (Noordoostpolder, Holland), cultivate strawberry plants with great passion and pleasure for both the professional and the hobbyist throughout Europe.

Webshop Aardbeienplantje.nl founded

In order to be able to serve the private market in addition to the professional market, the webshop Aardbeienplantje.nl was established a few years ago. The brothers sell a wide range of more than 10 different strawberry varieties, that differ in maturation time, taste, disease resistance and shelf life.

All Henselmans’ plants are grown with minimal use of pesticides and they even offer 100% organic cultivated plants. During spring, the plants are delivered from the refrigerator. These plants immediately give a reasonable harvest in the first year. Fresh plants are available in August and September, which then bear fruit the following year.

Doos aardbeienplanten

Enjoy the whole summer of delicious strawberries from your own garden


The smulpakketten put together by Joep and Joost themselves are very popular with customers. These packages contain 4 different strawberry varieties and the corresponding fertilizers. The varieties differ in ripening time, so you can enjoy sweet strawberries from your garden all through the summer. In addition, all kinds of related products are offered in the webshop, so that the tastiest strawberries can be grown. Naturally, the Pireco retail products can be found among these.

In the cultivation of the strawberries, Pireco products are used to support the plants in building up resilience while under pressure from, among other things, mildew, soil insects and leaf insects.

Tips for cultivation

There are many tips on the website about growing strawberries in both vegetable gardens and on a smaller scale, such as on balconies and terraces. The tips vary from the suitable planting distance to giving the right amount of water, fertilizing and the possible diseases and pests that can occur in strawberry cultivation.

Want to grow delicious strawberries yourself? Aardbeienplantje.nl

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