Introduction of the Pireco HORTI-line


Especially developed for use in Greenhouse Horticulture

Pireco has been active in the agricultural sector since the beginning of its existence. The successes that have been achieved in this sector have not gone unnoticed. The last few years we received a lot of questions about the operation of Pireco products in greenhouses. After a period of research and careful testing, we are proud to introduce our new Horti-line, specially developed for use in Greenhouse Horticulture.

What is the difference

The Horti-line is distinguished by a new composition and a different production process. These modifications make it possible to apply the Horti-line products as a LVM-application. The names of the products have not been changed. This is because of the current reputation of the products and the philosophy behind these products. The Horti-line is indicated with the addition ‘Horti’ to our current product-line.  

The Horti-variants are available for the products Folisec, Herfomyc, Herfosec, Mucofol, Mucoter, Nemater, Stimuter and Tercol. To achieve variety, there are several versions available of the products Herfosec-Horti and Folisec-Horti, namely: versions A-B-C and D.

The Philosophy of Pireco

Pireco distinguishes itself through its clear and progressive philosophy, which is summarized in 3 main points:

Our mission

Supporting and optimizing the plant’s own defense mechanism with the use of natural plant extracts.


A balanced plant has the capacity to avoid or reduce damage by herbivores and pathogens. The plant uses his own plant-based ingredients and plant-based systems in his self-defense, which you can compare to the human immune system. With our extracts we optimize this defense-system which will result in a well-balanced plant. A balanced plant has an increased capacity to defend itself against diseases and pests. This is nature’s way.


Under natural conditions a plant produces different substances to defend itself against diseases and pests. Cultivated plants from cultivated soils (who lost a lot of their natural resistance), are far more vulnerable to pests and diseases than some of their wild relatives. By using extracts of natural herbs and apply these to plant and soil the plant is getting access to the substances that will help him in his defense. Inspired by nature we make use of ancient natural systems.

Download the Pireco Horti-line product folder here. The Horti-variants of the products are indicated on the current product pages with the addition “Horti”. The Horti-variants can be ordered from our current dealers and distributors. Feel free to contact as for more product information.



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