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How does Leo Mabesoone experience the use of Pireco products in strawberry cultivation?

Cultivating strawberries can be quite intensive, having to deal with damage caused from various diseases and pests. Both the plants and the fruits can be threatened by pests such as fungi and insects. The threats depend highly on the type of cultivation, with pests such as thrips, lice, mildew and botrytis common in fruit cultivation. In propagation, the plants can be threatened by nematodes, lice, grubs, leatherjackets and other soil insects. In short; a lot of challenges!

Stimuter provides good rooting

A good root system is vital for the resilience of the plant. To ensure this, Pireco has specially developed Stimuter. The use of Stimuter has led to many good results, both in propagation and fruit cultivation. Bearers in particular are weaker on the rooting and respond very positively to Stimuter. If the plant has good rooting, the absorption of all kinds of nutritional elements is better which causes the plant to be more balanced.

Leo Mabesoone

The products Folisec and Herfosec can help to reduce the pressure of thrips

Damage caused by nematodes in propagation plants

When grown in open ground, nematodes can cause damage to the plants. Fields with propagating plants are usually on lighter sandy soils and thus have a high risk of damage.

One of the tools is to use the cultivation of Tagetes for the cultivation of strawberries. Tagetes in particular has a reducing effect on the free-living nematode Pratylenchus Penetrans. Other free-living nematodes such as Trichodorides also play a major role. The Nemater product is made up of herb and plant extracts, including Tagetes extracts. By applying the product preventively, you support the buildup of resilience in the presence of free-living nematodes.

Damage caused by soil insects

When cultivating in open ground, we are dealing with damage caused by soil-dwelling insects, such as grubs, zip needles and leather jackets. These insects can do enormous amounts of damage. A number of treatments with the product Tercol will result in good resilience in the presence of these soil-dwelling insects.

Schade door trips in de vruchtteelt

In fruit cultivation, the problems with thrips have increased in recent years because many chemical agents are used less or no longer at all. Thrips are a major challenge, especially for bearers. Fertilization also plays a major part here. It is important to provide sufficient trace elements to the plant and it is important that not too much nitrate is built up in the plant. With too much nitrate, the plant is unbalanced and much more sensitive to thrips.

The Folisec and Herfosec products can help to reduce the thrips pressure. Folisec can easily be used for drip irrigation and Herfosec can be sprayed over the crop. It is important to start the treatments preventively in order to make the plant resilient in time. The best result is achieved if the first treatment is carried out before the flowers appear. Adding wetting/absorption agent can enhance the effect. Good results have been achieved by combination with the EVR product.

Persisten fungus

Mildew is a fungus that can be very persistent, so preventive protection of the plant is very important. Once mildew is in the crop, it is very difficult to remove. It does not seem possible without the use of chemical agents. With the help of plant enhancers, the plant can be made more resistant to this fungus and the number of chemical sprays can be reduced. This is important because the customer wants an end product with little or no residue. Spraying strawberry plants in the first growth phase with Herfomyc can be of great use in this regard.

The future of Pireco

I see a positive future for the use of Pireco products in strawberry cultivation. If the products are used in the right way, Pireco can prevent a lot of trouble in strawberry cultivation. We will have to ensure better plant resistance, so that strawberry plants are stronger against diseases and pests. To achieve this, good information and guidance by crop advisors is essential for this.

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