Pireco products, what are they, what do they?


Pireco’s products are in the spotlight, but what do they actually do, what is the philosophy behind it, what is in it and is it useful to know?

Analyzing of  products becomes more important for farmers and horticulturalists.
     For farmers and horticulturalists is it since recent years more important to know from wich elements products are made of. When you buy a product you want to know what’s in it. On the basis of that knowledge people decide to buy the product or not. Do they contain main- and trace elements, amino acids maybe, and if so which ones and how many. Farmers compare products with one another and on the basis of these analysis products are rated in good and bad, maybe because there is too much of one ingredient and too little of another one. Yes farmers and horticulturists are well-trained and assisted by science they obtain their knowledge.

Science wants to know things and focuses on the ingredients of products. That brought us much valuable knowledge, also about the ingredients of Pireco products. But focusing on individual ingredients has a downside as well. In focusing too much on individual ingredients there is a danger that we lose the bigger picture. For example which plants grow together and complement and reinforce each other. This knowledge about symbiosis between plants is used in all of our products. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

‘Pireco develops their products based on symbiosis between plants’  

Take a growing plant, where does it consists of? To find out we first need to kill the plant before we can analyze it in its ingredients like main- and trace elements, amino acids, etc. It’s true that all of these ingredients make up the plant, but what we can’t measure is that part that makes the plant alive. No matter how hard we shake all of the ingredients, we will never get a living plant, although every ingredient is present. Also every analyzed ingredient behaves differently when looked at it individually than when it is a functional part of the whole. Think of a single sprocket. On its own it is useless, but as part of a system it is indispensable. For Pireco it is much more interesting to look at the bigger picture, like the symbiosis between different plants, than to individual ingredients of plants.

How do we describe our own products?
     If we are asked to give a brief description of our products, our answer is as follows. Our products support the natural regenerative capacity of soil and plants. Soil and plants have this ability, this power. Nature is able to cope with the challenges of existing. They can maintain and restore without human interference. Successful crops created a system of cooperation with soil life. Plants influence soil life and soil life influence plant growth and plant health. That is why Pireco focusses its attention with their products on promoting and sustaining soil- and plant health.

                                                                                             Influence of Exucates on soil life and plants
     Researchers investigated the vigour of more than 40 different plant species on different soils. Plants feed the soil through their exudates. Every species feeds the soil life with its own exudates. Exudates from one specific plant species feed their soil with a relatively monotonous nutrition. If more plant species are growing together then soil life is fed by much more exudates. This will lead to an enrichment or diversity of the food supply for soil life. The test results showed that plants growing on their own soil, which was fed with their own exudates many times grew worse. Interestingly however was that every single species grew much better in soil with the legacy of all the more than 40 species together. This of course has to do with the system of cooperation between plants and soil life and between soil life and plants. You cannot have one without the other. This ‘symbiosis thinking’ is a distinct feature of the products of Pireco. Pireco contributes to that research with their diversity of herbs. By supplying a diversity of extracts of more than 23 herbs to soil and plants we act in the spirit of the previous mentioned research. As a result we:

  • Feed the soil life
  • Strengthen the plant
  • Create conditions for a rich harvest

‘The products of Pireco support the natural regenerative capacity of the soil and crop’

What do the Pireco products consist of?
     Pireco products consist of a highly concentrated mixture of specific herbal concentrates. When formulating our products we have access to more than 23 different herbs and the number is still growing. Among them are, stinging nettle, garlic and tagetes. Also algae are part of the ingredients. It’s the diversity of carefully built up and tested mixtures of herbs that is characteristic of the products of Pireco. We make use of age-old knowledge of plants and their role in controlling pests and diseases.

                                    ‘When compiling our products, we have 23 different herbs’ 

So the products are more than only their individual ingredients. Yes it’s true they contain main- and trace elements, amino acids, vitamins, fatty acids, proteins and many more. But it’s much more than that! Each of these ingredients can be large or small, but this is a story about culmination! Applying these products has an impact on this system of soil- and plant life and vice versa, whereby the following effects have been reported.

  • Better uptake of nutrients
  • Growth stimulation
  • Enhancing stress tolerance
  • Crop quality

So the impact of the whole is more than the sum of its parts. We bring diversity and feed the life in the soil, so that the soil life can feed the plant. This is Pireco!


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