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Mucoter Bodemschimmels


All crops


Mucoter can be used in herbaceous and woody plants in the agriculture and horticulture; whenever a less vital soil and a weak resilience may render plants susceptible to soil fungi. The product supports the natural regenerative capacity and has a nurturing, nourishing and enhancing effect on the plants of which the soil and roots are affected by external causes. Also available as Mucoter-horti for use in Glasshouse Horticulture.


Mucoter is a water-based, highly concentrated composition of specific herbal extracts. Mucoter is a natural product of vegetable origin. The product is safe for human, animal and environment. Available in liquid, granular, and micro-granular form.


Mucoter is absorbed by the soil and the roots of the plants. Its root-stimulating and plant-enhancing ingredients will allow the plants to develop an increased resistance and vitality.


Mucoter works best if used preventively.

An optimum effect requires humid conditions. Failing those, irrigation is necessary.

The liquid product can be administered by spraying or sprinkling the plants. The granular and micro-granular products can be scattered across and/or mixed into the soil during planting or sowing. Mucoter remains effective for two to three weeks, after which time a follow-up treatment may be required.

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