Pireco Gezonde Groei

Plant growth stimulation

Pireco Gezonde Groei


Prevents stress and recovers growth inhibition

  • Increases the resistance to A-biotic stress
  • Increases the absorption of elements
  • Stimulates the development of micro-organism in the soil
  • Stimulates the moisture balance in the plant
  • Increases plant quality

StaTera is the Latin word for balance, or equilibrium. Balance in plants and soil provides optimal conditions for a healthy plant growth. In other words; balance gives resistance and vitality. Supporting the natural regeneration of the soil and the crop.

Microscopic plants

StaTera contains a rich source of plant-strengthening elements, vitamins and amino acids, based on microscopic plants (microalgae). Research shows that microalgae species can produce quite a few substances that advance the growth of plants. Microalgae are therefore not only suitable for improving the health and vitality of the plant, but also for improving soil health. It is known from research that not only the activity of soil life is strengthened, but also an increase in carbon, nitrogen, various essential trace elements and bacteria in the soil had been observed.

Amino Acids

Amino acids are essential for plants to build protein. Each particular amino acid has an important function for the plant. Proteins have a large diversity of functions indispensable for a proper functioning of plants, animals an humans. Building amino acids is a very intense process for the plant that requires a lot of energy and there are even stressful conditions such as drought and high temperatures that results in the plant breaking down its accumulated proteins to get the necessary amino acids. The freely absorbable amino acids from StaTera helps the plant save energy but also prevents the plant from breaking down its own proteins. Because of this, the plant can continue to perform better under stressful conditions. These are the moments when StaTera can prove its services for the plant.

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