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Problems with Nematodes?


In recent years more problems with nematodes have arisen in various crops, but how can the crop become more resistant and vital?

NEMATER can be used in herbaceous and woody plants in the agriculture and horticulture; whenever a less vital soil and a weak resilience may render plants susceptible to harmful soil and root nematodes. The product supports the natural recovery ability and has a wholesome, nourishing and plant strengthening effect when the soil and the plants are influenced from the outside.

Nemater has two main functions:
  • Making the environment around the root zone of the crop unattractive for nematodes.
  • Stimulating the growth and the natural recovery ability of the plant.

For a optimal operation of Nemater, a treatment consist of:

  1. A micro granular application during planting or sowing.
  2. After 4 to 6 weeks a follow-up spray treatment with Nemater liquid.
  3. Depending on the type of nematode and the crop variety a second spray treatment with Nemater liquid.

A correct application of Nemater is important. Always consult with your crop advisor. Retailers can be found under the menu distributors.


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