A strong start with STIMUTER


What can Pireco contribute to give this seasons crops a strong start? 

Stimuter contributes to a stronger growth with its root stimulating effect. Due to stronger root system of the crop, the crop is able to absorb more neccasery nutritions. The roots system is of great importance to show a healthy and strong crop above the soil. Especially at the first growth stage, root formation is important. Most of the time the spring does not always provide the optimal wheater conditions for the crops. An extra boost in the right direction can help the crop. Stimuter is absorbed through the soil, roots and leaves of the plant. Thanks to the root stimulating and plant strengthening ingredients, the roots, leaves and soil will develop an increased resistance and vitality. The product supports the natural recovery ability, and has a wholesome, nourishing and plant strengthening effect on the soil and roots that are influenced from the outside. The crops will show a healthy growth.

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Treatment plan Stimuter 
Stimuter consists of a double spray treaments with an interval of 10 to 14 days. It is recommended to use a dosage of 10 liters of Stimuter per hectare. Because Stimuter is absorbed through the roots of the plant, moist wheater conditions are of importance. A spray treatment on a moist soil is optimal. In dry conditions Stimuter can be sprayed as a leaf application. The product will then be absorbed by the leafs.

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