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STIMUTER: Growth stimulation in Chicory


Effectiveness of Stimuter to stimulate general growth in Chicory

In 2015 test facility Zwaagdijk (the Netherlands) was commissioned by Pireco to carry out a trial on chicory. Due to the cold and dry conditions and late sowing, the growth of the chicory was not as desired. The trial examined whether it was possible to stimulate growth by applying Micro Algue and Stimuter. Table 1 provides an overview of the objects and applications.

Table 1: treatments
Treatments Dosage product/ha Date
Micro Algue 500 l/ha 5-8, 20-8
Micro Algue 1000 l/ha 5-8, 20-8
Stimuter 10 l/ha 5-8, 20-8
Stimuter 20 l/ha 5-8, 20-8

Stimuter was applied twice during the growing season, on the 5th and the 20th of August. On the 21th and 27th of August, the crop was assessed by health, on October the 9th, the average length of the leaves was reviewed and on October the 27th the harvest and the length of the pens were measured.


  • No phytotoxic reactions or other crop reactions were observed in the tested doses and combinations of all the agents used.
  • In comparison with untreated, the treatments with Stimuter and Micro Algue had a positive effect on the crop state and the growth of the crop.
  • Compared to untreated and the other treatments, 20 l/ha Stimuter ensures for larger leaves (cm) and heavier chicory roots.
Table 2: Results of average length of leaf, weight (kg) and length of Chicory roots (cm)
Code Treatments 9 October 27 October 27 October
Length of leaf (cm) Kg/30 shoots Cm/20 shoots
1 Untreated 23.8 6.9 21.4
2 500 l/ha Micro Algue 26.3 7.7 21.4
3 1000 l/ha Micro Algue 25.0 7.7 21.5
4 10 l/ha Stimuter 26.3 7.6 21.9
5 20 l/ha Stimuter 32.5 8.3 21.8

Januari 2016 – Test facility Zwaagdijk – project number 150993

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