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STIMUTER: Growth stimulation in Zantedeschias


Effectiveness of Stimuter to stimulate general growth of Zantedeschias

In 2016 test centre Zwaagdijk (The Netherlands) conducted an experiment in commission of Pireco to test the effectivity of Stimuter to stimulate the growth and bloom in Zantedeschia’s grown in pots. Several application of Stimuter liquid and Stimuter granular where done.

Table 1: Treatments
Stimuter granular40 kg/ha14-5Mixing true the soil
Stimuter liquid every 14 days10 l/ha21-5, 4-6, 19-6Pouring
Stimuter granular

Stimuter liquid every 14 days

40 kg/ha

10 l/ha


21-5, 4-6, 19-6

Mixing true the soil


Stimuter liquid weekly 10 l/ha21-5, 28-5, 4-6, 11-6, 19-6, 25-6Pouring

During this field trial the Zantedeschia’s where reviewed by there appearace, average lenght, number of flowers and buds, and stem length.


The zantedechia’s are longer when treated with Stimuter liquid ( especially treatments 3,4 and 5) compared to the untreated object. The quantity of flower buds and flowers is also higher in the treated objects. In one treatment with Stimuter, there appeared to be 66% more flowers present in the treated object compared to the untreated object. Also the length of the roots was longer in the treated object, mainly Stimuter liquid + Stimuter granular. The results are shown in table 2 and 3.

Table 2: Length stems in cm
TreatmentsLength 10-JuneLength 25-JuneLength 3-July
Stimuter granulate47,560,564
Stimuter liquid 14d48,570,575,5
Stimuter granulate + Stimuter liquid527378,5
Stimuter liquid weekly497374
Table 3: Number of flower buds and flowers
Treatmentsflower buds 25-JuneFlower 25-JuneFlowers 3-July
Stimuter gran149
Stimuter liquid 14 days0312
Stimuter granulate + Stimuter 5015
Stimuter liquid weekly 4311

January 2016 – Test facility Zwaagdijk (The Netherlands) – projectnumber 151019

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